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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wood/Steel Boxes 2

Here is another one of Chicago Mill's Wood/Steel box designs.  The unique thing about this box is it is designed to nest for easy storage and it has the metal bar that swings over to make the boxes stack on top of one another when loaded with product.


  1. I would like to share a pic of the one I have

  2. I own one of these nesting boxes and it says Chariton wholesale fruit banana box, wood steal nesting box Oscaso Mll and Lumber Company Chicago Illinois, can anyone tell me more about this box. Thanks Miranda

    1. Hi Miranda, I just now noticed that I may not have responded to your comment. I apologize! Would you mind sending me a photo of this box? Please advise.

  3. I also have an old wooden nesting box with metal handles and hardware with the Chicago Logo on the sides and Banana Trading Co. Tampa, FL on the front and back.

  4. Hi Tammy, I would like to see a photo if you don't mind sending one. And, I would like to post it on the BLOG if I can have your permission to do this. Please advise.