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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wood/Steel Boxes

Probably in the 1940's and 1950's Chicago Mill manufactured wooden boxes for the automotive industry that were a combination of plywood with metal edges attached to the plywood. We called this design "Wood Steel" boxes.


  1. Did chicago mill and lumber also make boxes for the Kroger co. ?

  2. It is very possible, however during the time that I worked for CM&L we did not manufacturer the wood/steel boxes. I think this was a product that was probably made in the 1930, 1940's and perhaps even in the 1950's. While I with CM&L we did make wooden watermelon crate for Kroger and many other grocery chains. The watermelon crate was hinged in the corners with wire staple and was collapsible and reusable. There was not a top or bottom as the crate was like a tube that sat down on a grocery pallet. The watermelon tube or mat was used for shipping the melons to the grocery store and also was used in the store for display. This products has been replaced by corrugated boxes.

  3. To give you an idea of what the watermelon bin looks like take a look at the link below. The drawing is of a wirebound mat that American Box had me to draw as they were considering converting to the wirebound mat over the hinged corner mats.